The extras complete the machine.

ProtoMAX has a number of optional accessories that enhances the operation of your waterjet. These accessories and any spares or consumables like garnet can be ordered on the marketplace.

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Keep it close and easy.

Start up, shut down and cutting preparation are easier when your controlling laptop is in close reach. Mounts directly to the side of your catcher tank and includes a bead chain for quick access of your standoff gauge.

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Laptop Tray

Get a handle on challenging materials.

This option is great for cutting thin metals, cloth, gaskets, plastics which will drape between the slats and also glass, mirror and other materials which can fall through slats after cutting.

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Cutting Bed Kit

Designed for maximum flow.

Drain tank water faster. The suction screen is a self-installed alternative to the standard foam drain filter included with the ProtoMAX. This design offers maximum drain flow rate and requires minimal cleaning.

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Drain Filter

Find peace of mind.

Although most regions allow water from your catcher tank to flow to drain, certain locations and institutions may require additional filtration. This accessories contains a submersible “sump” pump that takes the filtered water direct to drain.

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Tank Drain Kit

Keep things clean.

Specifically engineered for the attachment to the water manifold, the hose kit is rated for continuous pressure without leaks or bursts and shipped with handy bracket to hang the spray nozzle on.

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Hose Kit

Keep operation sustained.

Your standard replenishment parts inventory with all the items you need for sustained operation. The kit includes extra slats, mixing tubes, orifices, garnet feed line, mixing tube retainer nut, nozzle body o-ring, water filter, splash guard and last chance filters.

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Spares and Consumables Kit

Remove build up.

With cleaning times ranging from 3 to 8 minute cycles and a large enough capacity for your nozzle body, mixing tubes and orifices, this is an ideal, affordable, choice to assure you are continually keeping these components free of scale and buildup that your incoming water can create and also any garnet particles that may impede performance. The solution recommended is pure white vinegar.

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Ultrasonic Cleaner

Maintain optimal drive performance

This kit includes one 14 oz. cartridge of low temperature Arctic© grease and a grease gun with a modified needle for lubricating the Protomax. The grease gun is used for lubricating the X-Axis Lead Screw and Linear Rail Bearings and Y-Axis Lead Screw and Linear Rail Bearing Carriage. A video and written instructions are available on our Knowledgebase. Search "Maintenance Schedule" and locate "Lubricate X- and Y-axis lead screws and linear rails" under Table Maintenance.

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Grease Gun Kit

Stay fully equipped.

Our most popular kit. This provides all the replenishment parts you’ll need over an extended time including extra slats, mixing tubes, orifices, garnet feed line, mixing tube retainer nut, nozzle body o-ring, water filter, splash guard and last chance filters plus the drain water filter tank and water spray nozzle.

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Grease Gun Kit

Complete your machine with our accessories collection.

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